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The company owns and operate the following equipment and plants. We have also developed a good working relationship with suppliers of HOWO dump trucks, XCMG wheel loader, XCMG excavators and Volvo Brand Equipment where we can further meet the needs of our clients.

Currently, our fleet comprises of the following machines:

S/NoEquipmentMake & ModelRegCapacityComment

1ExcavatorLiebherr 944CT193 DBX1.9CBM


2ExcavatorSDLG E6250FT875 DXD1.3CBMBucketCONTRACT

3Front End LoaderXCMG ZL50GNT560 DVC3.5CBMBucketOWNED

4Front End LoaderXCMG ZL50GNT840 DUK3.5CBMBucketOWNED

5Dump truckFAW 340FDT643 DQV17CBMOWNED

6Dump truckFAW 340FDT644 DQV17CBMOWNED

7Dump truckFAW 290T126 DMB17CBMOWNED

8Dump truckHOWO 371T281 DRU18CBMOWNED

9Dump truckHOWO 371T284 DRU18CBMOWNED

10Dump truckHOWO 371T290 DRU18CBMOWNED

11Dump truckHOWO 371T291 DRU18CBMOWNED

12Dump truckHOWO 371T279 DRU18CBMOWNED

13Dump truckFAW J5 340 HPT541 DWC17CBMOWNED

14Dump truckFAW J5 340 HPT542 DWC17CBMOWNED

15Dump truckFAW J5 340 HPT549 DWC17CBMOWNED

16Dump truckFAW J5 340 HPT756 DWD17CBMOWNED

17Dump truckFAW J5 340 HPT927 DWC17CBMOWNED

18Dump truckFAW J5 340 HPT595 DTN17CBMOWNED



21Drilling RigBDM-200YYN/A150mOWNED

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